Mind Crossing events in Lithuania 21-23/9/2017

Mind Crossing: Branches, shadows and ashes is a special performance/artsit talk for the Lithuanian Holocaust remembrance day events in 2017. Gur’s grandparents lived in ghetto Kovno during the war with their 3 children who were perished during the holocaust. The performance will use poetry reading, live music and video projection of dance and interviews in order to commemorate the lost children by examine the relation of their absence on the family and the place. The performance will be followed by a Q&A.

The artist talks will be presented at:

21/9/17 6:30pm at The Vilnius Jewish Public Library


22/9/17 11:00am at The Prienai Public Library


22/9/17 3:00pm at The Vilkaviskis Center of Culture


23/9/17 3:00pm at The Kaunas IX Fort Museum


New work: Mind Crossing

In psychoanalysis, one of the questions that is being asked frequently is “what’s crossing your mind?” That type of mental movement is a phenomenon which I’ve been exploring recently by creating a multi-disciplinary body of work, consists of music, dance, video and documentary. Mind Crossing is based on a collection of letters which my grandfather wrote after war world 2, telling a story of a couple who lost their children during the holocaust, and struggle to immigrate through a journey in Europe, the mediterranean and Israel.

Here is the 1st dance duet from the project: